Torino – Carpi Betting picks (29.11.2017)

Torino is reduced from a win and 3 draws in the last 4 days of Serie A, coincided “casually” with the recovery of Belotti. In the last round the grenades took away Milan’s San Siro a precious point, even with a pinch of luck. Carpi is part of the Serie B team, who aspires to a place in the playoffs, but still 26 days away.

In the last round, the Emilians beat the captain Parma, thanks to Pasciuti and Perna and the zero goal balls granted to the Ducals in the resumption. In previous rounds Turin had to face only Trapani, scoring 7-1, while Carpi eliminated Livorno 4-0 and then beat Salernitana after the 2-2 finals.

Broad turn-over for Mihajlovic, who should give room to Berenguer and Valdifiori, while Niang is to be recovered and Belotti is simply indispensable. Mbakogu’s relegation will be crucial to Calabrò, who will be the directors of 3-5-2. Malcore favored couple with Nigerian.

Torino is eleventh in Serie A, Carpi is ninth in Serie B.

The grenades have lost only once in the seven seasonal home races.

The Emiliani, with only 2 goals scored, have the worst external attack of Serie B.

Bomber Andrea Belotti made a triplet in the only match in Turin in this Italian Cup.

At home and with a far superior staff, Turin has everything to beat Carpi and go to the Eighties. So far we have been surprised at Coppa Italia, but this seems frankly impossible.

Torino win @ 1.35

Zamalek – El Masry (BETTING PICKS) 24.06.2016

Today we offer the big game to bet Zamalek-El Masry started en 24-06-2016 21:00 Egipt Premier League.

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Day 32 of EGYPT.
Her 2 and 3 are played I hurt in the high part of the table.
Zamalek that in house has gained 9 of the last ones 10.
ElMarsy his nummeros are in the last 10 3 cattles 5 ties and 2 defeats.
Let’s hope that to the Zamalek him the pulse does not tremble being so near the end we go with the local victory.
The places estan seated comfortably in 2 position but they cannot relax.

Bet Zamalek win the game . odds 1.70

Vitebsk – Mikashevichi (BETTING PICKS) 15.06.2016

Today we offer the big game to bet Vitebsk-Mikashevichi started en 15-06-2016 17:00 Belarus Vysshaya Liga.

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This game is complicated to predict but my application says to me that the local victory has a high percentage of taking place, though seeing I number of the vitebsk it is it to be thought but seeing that of place this beginning of league being given this him badly well it is true that the rivals that it has had are teams of major level and they were predictable already the last game I gain it before an team of his particular league and eb this new duel before another team of his league at least possesses enough possibilities of a new victory.

Bet Vitebsk win the game ! Odds.2.40

Unics Kazan – CSKA Moscow (BETTING PICKS) 08.06.2016

Today we offer the big game to bet Unics Kazan-CSKA Moscow started en 08-06-2016 17:00 Europe VTB United League – Play Offs – Final.

Game of the final of the VTB League between Unics Kazan and CSKA with the scoreboard 2-1 in favour of CSKA.
I see CSKA’s victory here since I do not see capable Unics of putting 2-2 in the scoreboard the truth, for potential CSKA it is very superior to them.
CSKA I classify like first with 28-2 and one 14-1 as visitor losing his only one divided in the extension on the other hand Unics I classify second with 25-5 and one 13-2 as local sound good numbers also clearly.

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The way in playoffs for unics has not been easy though first I face Nizhny and overcome him clearly for 3-0 83-70 and 70-61 in his fief and closing the series as visitor with 71-84. The following round was another world already they were facing Zenit a good team where I gain unics his two first in house for 94-93 a game where it went away to the rest 15 below and gain it in the last instants of the game and the second game I take it to him for 97-91 also having to mend since though it went away 9 above to the rest 22-32 in the third quarter it did that the game was giving an unexpected draft but nonetheless the last quarter I it dominate easy unics going ahead in house any moment, visitor not consiguio gaining there none of two games the third game was wound by 82-67 and the quarter mas pressed by 85-82, there was coming the definitive game in which unics take advantage of his condition of place and take it to him for 79-70 reaching the final of these playoffs.

For CSKA it has been an almost a walk these playoffs where I win to the Nymburk without straining very much for 3-0 95-87 and 79-72 in house and 87-102 finishing off the eliminating one before travelling to raise with the euroleague. After conquering it one happens to Khimki in semis a very good team in my opinion where also I gain 3-0 not so easily but consiguio equally for 86-83 and 99-87 as place and winning as visitor and reaching the final for 92-95.

In this final both home games CSKA I win dominating at all time for 84-76 and 90-77 and another day the Unics the surprise gave in a bad enough game with bajisima annotation 79-74 in that there is CSKA I escape from him the party game in the third quarter with a terrible quarter of 24-14 that then I manage to be to 3 points only but nonetheless could not be done by the game.
This way with all this tocho that I you have put analyzing any fodder that CSKA querra to pronounce since 2-2 podria to put under pressure, Luck those who follow me and for the green one!!

Bet CSKA Moscow win ! odds. 1.40 !

Pescara – Novara (BETTING PICKS) 01.06.2016

Today we offer the big game to bet Pescara-Novara started en 01-06-2016 19:30 Italy Serie B – Play Offs.2nd leg. First round result: 2-0.Divided) semi-finals Play off ascent Italian goes well together, betwee It Was Going fishing and It Nonbeaches Calcium. It is a question of the second leg of this semi-final. In the going already it won clearly It was Fishing 0-2. It was a game dominated to my to deal for It was Going fishing, more I equip that his(her,your) rival with players of super class like the Peruvian Lapadula (27 goals ….) and next player of the Juventus, the Italian Caprari and the revelation, the albano Memushaj.
In regular league It Was Going fishing it was 4 classified with 72 points, whereas the Novara was 8 º classified with 65 points.
I see a game where the team of Sailor will take advantage that the Novara will have to open lines in search of the prowess and in search of goals and there it is where it( must take advantage of the home team to kill the party game with rapid players as before mentioned Lapadula.
On the part of It Nonruns aground, to indicate that it has curdled a very good season, has to players of class like Evacuo, Faragó and especially, for me, Galabinov.

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Nonetheless for team and insole I see Superior the Novara, and more after the result of the going and of what visitor will have to risk the team.Bet Pescara Win ! odds. 2.50