Unics Kazan – CSKA Moscow (BETTING PICKS) 08.06.2016

Today we offer the big game to bet Unics Kazan-CSKA Moscow started en 08-06-2016 17:00 Europe VTB United League – Play Offs – Final.

Game of the final of the VTB League between Unics Kazan and CSKA with the scoreboard 2-1 in favour of CSKA.
I see CSKA’s victory here since I do not see capable Unics of putting 2-2 in the scoreboard the truth, for potential CSKA it is very superior to them.
CSKA I classify like first with 28-2 and one 14-1 as visitor losing his only one divided in the extension on the other hand Unics I classify second with 25-5 and one 13-2 as local sound good numbers also clearly.

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The way in playoffs for unics has not been easy though first I face Nizhny and overcome him clearly for 3-0 83-70 and 70-61 in his fief and closing the series as visitor with 71-84. The following round was another world already they were facing Zenit a good team where I gain unics his two first in house for 94-93 a game where it went away to the rest 15 below and gain it in the last instants of the game and the second game I take it to him for 97-91 also having to mend since though it went away 9 above to the rest 22-32 in the third quarter it did that the game was giving an unexpected draft but nonetheless the last quarter I it dominate easy unics going ahead in house any moment, visitor not consiguio gaining there none of two games the third game was wound by 82-67 and the quarter mas pressed by 85-82, there was coming the definitive game in which unics take advantage of his condition of place and take it to him for 79-70 reaching the final of these playoffs.

For CSKA it has been an almost a walk these playoffs where I win to the Nymburk without straining very much for 3-0 95-87 and 79-72 in house and 87-102 finishing off the eliminating one before travelling to raise with the euroleague. After conquering it one happens to Khimki in semis a very good team in my opinion where also I gain 3-0 not so easily but consiguio equally for 86-83 and 99-87 as place and winning as visitor and reaching the final for 92-95.

In this final both home games CSKA I win dominating at all time for 84-76 and 90-77 and another day the Unics the surprise gave in a bad enough game with bajisima annotation 79-74 in that there is CSKA I escape from him the party game in the third quarter with a terrible quarter of 24-14 that then I manage to be to 3 points only but nonetheless could not be done by the game.
This way with all this tocho that I you have put analyzing any fodder that CSKA querra to pronounce since 2-2 podria to put under pressure, Luck those who follow me and for the green one!!

Bet CSKA Moscow win ! odds. 1.40 !

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