Champions League BATE Borisov – HJK 25/07

Champions League BATE Borisov – HJK.

The Belarusians have the experience on their side.

The last day of the UEFA Champions League Preliminary Round 2 will be extremely exciting due to the teams that will face them as bands who have been pleasantly surprised every year by European competitions. The first game that opens the day is between Bate Borisov and HJK, a duel scheduled for 20:00 in Belarus. The difference in value can not be said to be huge, but the experience is easy to compare if we are to analyze the European seasons in which the two teams have activated.

Bate Borisov, the host of this first leg, starts with the first chance to win the game but also to qualify, being really the band that is justified due to the lot and the experience to catch the ticket to the next tour. The team coached by Yermakovich has not played any European game so far, being at the debut of the new European season. However, the Belorussians are not at the first game this year after the end of the season because they are in full championship, notably in the 17th round. Bate Borisov is ranked No. 1 in the championship with 44 points accumulated, being in an exceptional form this July. The Belarusians want to continue the series of winning matches and in front of the Finns, although they need to be careful also in the defensive phase in order not to take a goal, happening several times in the last games.

HJK, the guest of this dispute, is ranked second with qualifying because the Finnish lot is not one of the Belorussian experience and value. However, the en-titre champion in Finland has so far managed to impress positively through its game, its footballers being highly computed and motivated at each game, and the positive results of the past have come. The Finnish Championship is in the 20th round and HJK is in the top position with 7 points ahead. The Helsinki team managed to score 12 times in the last 5 games and received just 5 goals, a very efficient but less solid percentage, with some defensive problems. The game against the Vikingur from the previous round was a relatively good one on the offensive area where the attackers did their job pretty well, but the defense did not work well which will surely have to be done maybe with such an opponent, any small mistake can cost you.

Prediction for BATE Borisov – HJK

The hosts are net favorites to win the game, especially as they have a last-round rebound in the last season when they were eliminated from the UCL, this time meeting an acceptable opponent. I think the Belarussians can win to the Finns, and even to the handicap.

Bet Tips: 1 soloist
Odds: 1.52
Betting Tips: H1 -1.5
Odds:  2.60

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