Croatia – England World Cup Semi Final 11 July

World Cup Semi Final Croatia - England

Croatia – England World Cup Semi Final

The World Cup is now just a few steps from the finish line and then the tension rises in the fans still interested, while the others are forced to observe the evolution of the competition.

The semi-finals are presented as a real review of European football, able to occupy all four boxes left, thus confirming a supremacy that dates back to 2006.

The second semi-final in program, the one between Croatia and England, will have the Lu┼żniki Stadium as its theater and offers many interesting reasons.


Few would have predicted the semifinalist Croatia on the eve of the kermis. Despite a fairly gifted staff, it was believed that the Balkan team would have given rise to a good World Cup, but certainly not at these levels. Instead Modric and his teammates were good at taking advantage of an obvious hole that they created on their side of the scoreboard, first eliminating Denmark and then Russia on penalties. It remains to be seen whether the Croats have given their best or if the old saying by which appetite comes with eating can also be applied to their case.


England has finally returned to the levels that the Masters have always been accredited, but that almost never managed to respect. It was from Italy ’90 that the whites could not get to the semifinals, an event that was greeted with joy by the traditionalists and a fan that too often had been betrayed by their favorites. Kane and his team mates defeated Sweden in the quarter showing a comforting mastery of the race and now they are from favorites to the challenge with Croatia, which however seems to be clearly superior to the Nordics. Will the Lions make it back to play a final round at a distance of over half a century from the one that saw them triumph at Wembley?

Prediction Croatia – England

The race between Croatia and England is open to any solution. If England is preferred on an individual level, Croatia is a very compact team, especially when Modric manages to make the game run better and read the game well. In all likelihood there will be a long phase of study, but the game can explode at any time, opening scenarios that favor the spectacle.

Prediction Today: x in the first half
Odds: 1.92
Prediction of the Day: Over 1.5
Odds: 1.45

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