Champions League Red Star vs Napoli 18/09/2018

Champions League Red Star vs Napoli

Champions League Tips Red Star vs Napoli

The Red Star is in my opinion the weakest team in this Champions League the players have a lot of belief, a lot of attitude, they also have a fantastic associative mass, but in terms of quality and played football, they are effectively the worst team in the Champions League.

To get here, they had a long journey. They started by eliminating Suduva in a relatively affordable tie.

Then it was Spartak Trnava and the Serbs who won in extra time for the second leg in Slovakia after a 1-1 draw in the 90 minutes in both matches.

Finally they eliminated the Salzburg and it was a great surprise. They drew home at zero in the first game and in Austria they lost 2-0 and in the second half managed to reach the draw and pass on the undercard because of the goals away.

Salzburg had huge chances for the 3-2 that did not materialize. Internally, the Red Star has dominated the Serbian football and have been in shape.
Last season’s Napoli failed to reach the group stage of the Champions League and this year’s goal is crucial.

The group is complicated since they have Liverpool and PSG who are strong candidates to pass in this group. Thus being the Naples sees itself in the obligation to enter strong not to lose ground for its opponents.

The Neapolitan team have quality and Serie A have not been bad, except for a meeting in which they ended up being defeated.

The squad has quality and maintained the main figures and references of the team. the Naples come from a home win over Fiorentina 1-0 at a tricky meeting but that Insigne with 10 minutes of the end, dismantled the equality and gave the 3 points to the Naples that follows in the pressure to Juventus in the fight for the title.

Football Betting Tips Red Star vs Napoli

The Naples are frankly better team than this Red Star and I am very confident that the Italians will win this match.

Even playing outside their stadium, the Naples will take on the encounter and even facing a very fighting team, very believing and confident in the face of the results in Serbian football, do not believe in Naples’s extreme difficulties to win and move on.

This is a clear 3-point game and I am with the Italians to win in Serbia.

The Red Star is in my point of view the team with the most weaknesses in terms of football practiced and in this millionaire competition you will feel quite the quality difference and this will be visible in the results of this group. Naples wins this game.

Betting Tip: Napoli
Odds: 1.45

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