Sporting already trains in a limited way

Sporting already trains in a limited waySporting already trains in a limited way

After Nacional da Madeira set the tone about a week ago, now it was Sporting’s turn to return to training at the Academy in a highly conditioned way. Players train alone and do not equip or bathe in the club’s changing rooms.


Many of the football players of the main Portuguese clubs will be able to train with good conditions in their well-to-do homes, however, more specific exercises or longer runs become a little more difficult and uncomfortable to be performed without the supervision of a coach. physicist.

This Tuesday, Sporting returned to training at the Academy with its players and traveling directly from their homes already equipped and ready to train without needing to enter the dressing room, thus avoiding any propagation of droplets with their colleagues who would train later.

At the moment, the return from national and international football competitions still seems a long way off, although there are already some leagues indicating probable return dates, but it is nevertheless important that players can breathe some fresh air in their ‘natural habitat. ‘which is the club’s pitch and facilities where they usually spend a good part of the week in normal times.

This step forward by the Leo club has drawn some criticism from officials in other clubs, although the club is complying with all the recommendations recommended by the General Health Directorate.

In fact, I believe that if the situation in Portugal remains relatively stable with regard to the slow spread of the virus, other teams will follow this process in order to be better prepared for when the main limitations are lifted and the normalization of training is finally allowed .


One of the situations that drew the most attention in this conditioned return to the training of the Sporting team was the molds in which this unfolded. The players have already come equipped from home and will not have contacted anyone inside the facility, other than the fitness coach who was waiting for them on the gym’s lawn to give them training instructions.

At the end of the training, each player will have collected his home in the same way as he entered, thus avoiding social contact with academy employees in a clear demonstration of caution in the current confinement scenario.

Some of the players even appeared on the pitch with personal equipment since they did not have access to the dressing room where they probably keep their official club equipment.

At the end of the day, the young Leo goalkeeper Luís Maximiano rested the fans, indicating that each player had a bag of official equipment waiting for them at the end of the training so that this situation would not be repeated and everyone could use their usual equipment. thereafter.


With the unexpected arrival of Rúben Amorim in March, Sporting demonstrated that it wished to start preparing for the next season, thus abdicating Jorge Silas who was on time at the club. With the new coach working for more than a month at the club, there are decisions that are already being made with a view to the future of the team, in addition to containing expenses in a phase as delicate as this one.

So, it was with some naturalness that we registered the news that Jesé Rodriguez and Yannick Bolasie are going to be returned to their respective clubs of origin immediately, taking into account that they do not enter the club’s plans for the next season. Hired on loan to supply the last-minute departures from Rafinha or Bas Dost, any of the players who arrived on loan proved to be a failed bet by the direction of Frederico Varandas and Hugo Viana.

Bolasie still played a few games and had a relatively acceptable contribution, but Jesé Rodriguez never managed to convince any of the several coaches who passed through the club throughout the season, not to mention Fernando who never got past the under-23s and spent more than half of the his stay at the club recovering from an injury that was already known before his acquisition …

With an apparent bet on the club’s youth, the departure of these two players should further extend the treadmill to Gonzalo Plata, Jovane Cabral or Rafael Camacho for the rest of the season, and much of what they can do at this stage may determine their future in the next one. time.

Rúben Amorim has had a lot of time to prepare for the next season, being certain that the Covid-19 crisis will tend to reduce the leonino club’s margin to go to the market, so the young Portuguese coach will need to choose his targets well in the market. transfers.

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